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My family is falling to pieces and it's scaring the hell out of me.

This entry is more or less a placeholder so I am obligated to write about it because some important things have happened and I should put them down, but right now I just want to have a shower and cheer up in general.

This might not work.  I might not come back.  I don't know.
Just thought I'd say that even though I probably should have been doing work for the past hour and a half, I'm pretty sure I found the PERFECT wedding photographer! Beautiful shots and good prices, too! I'd link to the site, but I should get Brendan's opinion on it first.

Also, I took this about 10 minutes ago:
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Apr. 13th, 2010


Gonna have an awesome budget-conscious wedding. My mom is somewhat baffled by this, but what she keeps forgetting to understand is that though I hate being the centre of attention most of the time, there are certain times when that is exactly what I do want. I thought she would have gotten the idea from my many extravagant birthday parties, but apparently not.

I also love planning these kinds of things, so I'm super excited just for that. I mean, yes, I'm excited to be married, but I don't believe so much in actually getting married as a sort of necessary thing to do when two people want to be together forever. I'm going to do that anyway, but this just makes it official and is really just a big party sort of thing. Honestly not sure if we would bother getting married if there wasn't a wedding.

Anyway, it's not for a year and a bit, but I've got the planning train rolling and my bridesmaids are all notified and happy with being bridesmaids. Jessie (maid of honor) is coming at the end of the week to finally see our place and to do weddingy things with me (not sure what exactly yet). I know we talked about dress "shopping" (I just want to try on some different styles to know what kind of dress I would like, but there is nooo way I'm buying one when I have a wonderful grandmother who can and hopefully will craft me a lovely gown to my specifications (in a much less horrible slave way than what that sounded like) for maybe $50 total (Jessie's was something like $20, which is amazing!). I'm hoping the dress looking happens a little later than Friday, though, as I would like to extend the invitation to come and fawn over dresses to my other available bridesmaids (so Jesse and possibly Hilary). I really hope that this can bring us all closer again. I miss my girls. I'll have to talk to Jessie before Friday and see if this is what she has in mind so that I can let the others know ahead of time if it is.

I plan to write most things wedding-related here, which will hopefully get my creative juices flowing because I haven't written much of anything for probably more than a year now and that is far too long to be without even a proper journal of my life!

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Mar. 30th, 2010

sleepy sleepy sleepy

Good things lately though, in general! I hate that I'm not on top of writing about stuff anymore, but I'm going to be starting a job soonish and perhaps I will be more inclined to write about my daily happenings when I have more routine in my life again. I had to buy Microsoft Office stuff yesterday, which is stupid I guess. But I'm going to have an honest to goodness real job that isn't even a crappy job that I'm going to be trying to find something better to cling to! It's pretty big news, really.

Been playing a lot of Pokemon (heart gold!) lately. Also reading a lot of Harry Potter. Actually, I think those are the only two things I've been doing in my spare time (which there has been a considerable amount of lately, but that ends (to some extent) tomorrow), except that I was sewing for a while but I'm pretty much done all my projects now.

My horrible ingrown toenail (which I probably neglected to mention to anyone even though it has been ruling my life for the last three weeks) is almost done being horrible. I managed to get a nail file under the affected corner today, which is an enormous triumph, you really have no idea.

Had a very nice social outing tonight in which I actually felt included in a larger sense than I normally do for whatever reason. I didn't have a lot to talk about or anything, but I felt more open with people and I think I'm giving off the impression that I'm witty somehow. I'm really not, as far as I know, but I'm welcoming the moderate attention.

I would like to find a group or a class or something of interest to take so I could meet some people and stuff, but I have checked everywhere and the coolest thing I've found is for cake decorating classes (not sure how many) somewhere really far from me. So that's probably out. This evening's outing (Tim Horton's, but it was fun all the same) somehow filled me with a newfound confidence that I might have more in common with these people we hang out with than I had previously thought, though, so I feel less starved for friends than I did mere hours ago. This is a good thing.

Annnnyway, bed! I'm just at the part in the 5th Harry Potter where Harry's freaking out because he thinks Sirius is being tortured and Umbridge has just caught him using Floo powder in her office, so obviously that's pretty full of tension and I should read a bit before actually sleeping.

Happy day. :)
This might be a bit off-color for journalling, I guess, but I just figured out that I have, in my life, had nearly 100 periods. It's really hard to know for sure, as I was pretty irregular for a few years. But cool, I guess...? I dunno. Feel free to ignore me. :P

Lovely weather today!

The electrician came and fixed our kitchen this morning. He called around 9:00 and decided to come over right away ("he said he'd call us back when he knows what time's good for him, but he'd give us at least an hour's notice" O.O), so I had to hobble downstairs and tidy everything up in the kitchen and near the breaker box downstairs (I say hobble because for some reason since Wednesday night, I've had the most horrible ingrown toenail issue I have ever experienced and even with nice epsom salt soaks, it wasn't quite up to regular walking at that point). Mostly I just chucked the dirty dishes into the drying rack over on the dining room table and moved a bunch of stuff off the counters. When he came, I hid in the bedroom, PJs and all, and talked to my mom. He came and went surprisingly fast, and didn't charge us too much at all! Now everything works nicely. I'm not really sure what the problem was. Brendan said he thinks there were crossed wires or something.

Eric had left yesterday to go back to Salmon Arm "for the weekend", but he came back around noon today for some reason, and decided to actually haul away some of his excess clothing finally! He took my bag with him (which I have had ready for a few months now), and he and Brendan went downtown. I would have gone too, except that after my shower, Eric was in the bathroom all the way until he wanted to leave, so I had no time to get ready to go out. While Brendan was out, he called with the exciting news that there's a copy of Earthbound at a game store down there and he wanted to buy it, but it was like $130 and I convinced him in the end that it wasn't worth it. Then he came home and there was much Megaman 10.

We had a late lunch outside. I felt really mom-ish or something, making us nice sandwiches and iced tea with strawberries. It's kind of like summer without the greenery here, honestly. Brendan left for work nearly an hour ago now and after he left, I actually washed the dishes and now I feel all accomplished and somewhat motivated to journal for once! I would be motivated to do other worthwhile things, but there's not really much else to be done, which is nice in itself. I'm doing some online searching around for some stuff that I want to talk about but I'm trying hard not to, and I think that's productive enough. I should fill out the feedback survey on my coursework that I'm pretty sure I'm supposed to do even though I'm almost positive it's supposed to be optional. I was waiting on it because it has a section for feedback on the practicum, which I figured would be stupid to fill out now as I haven't even started it yet, but they've emailed me twice now trying to get me to send it in, so I'll just skip that part, I guess.

It feels good to write something again, even if it's only a retelling of my fairly ordinary day. I decided yesterday that I want to make memories for myself so that I won't forget the little things, because most of what's happening right now in my life is entirely made of little things. I know it's worth remembering, though, but it's hard to remember if I haven't made note of it in any way. So this is what my March 5th was like, I guess. :)

Tomorrow I'm going to see Piper for her birthday (which is actually Sunday) with my grandparents, and Sunday night we're going out for dinner with Brendan's aunt and cousin for Brendan's birthday, which is Tuesday. One of these weekends, I think I want to go to Salmon Arm and play with the community band for their Sunday night practice. I miss it very much. I know I could try and join the Kamloops community band, but it's a little late in the year to be doing that, plus, I'd only want to do that if I went with someone I know, and Brendan's a little busy to get involved in that. I can't wait until I move back to Salmon Arm. I'm going to involve myself in everything musical again. It's so sad that music used to be such a big part of my life, and now that I've moved, it's getting so distant from me.

Anyway, time to fill out that dumb feedback thing. Happy Friday, everyone!

Mar. 3rd, 2010

Brendan's dad came to town today to check out the wiring in our kitchen. A few days ago, the microwave stopped working while I was heating something up and I thought it had just reached the end of its days (it's like as old as me), but apparently it was just the outlet that stopped working, but only one of the two in the outlet..thingy, which is weird! Then, the next day (yesterday, I think), the half-outlet we plug our kettle/toaster into decided to die. Anyway, Brendan's dad was checking it out and he doesn't really know what's wrong and apparently it might be the breaker, and it was doing some suspicious sparking which I did not witness. So now we have one outlet in our kitchen that we can use and we have to get an electrician in to figure out this place. Basically, whoever did the wiring here seems to be off his nut.

I'm waiting on my practicum. Which is boring, but also not too bad as I get more extended lollygagging time. I do feel a bit useless, though. I've been eating way too many Nanaimo bars because I craved them ONCE and Brendan went and bought about a million of them because they were on sale. Most are in the freezer, but I've been having roughly 2 a day since he got them, which was probably a week ago. I'm not really sure.

Not sure if I mentioned it, but I've been making a dress for myself out of a topsheet that I was never going to use. Sheet sets are great because neither Brendan nor I like topsheets, and if we get sheet sets that are really nice or pretty or something, then I basically just have them at my disposal. I felt kind of weird cutting up a sheet for a dress, but I really was never going to use it. They're just so icky on a bed. My dress needs a zipper and stuff and for the skirt to actually be attached to the bodice and to be hemmed, but it's looking pretty good so far. In fact, it looks like this.

Anyway, I'm tired and I'm rereading the Harry Potter books (starting with the Deathly Hallows because Brendan started reading it (his first time!) and it was just sitting around all day while he was at school, but now I'm on the first one), so I should get ready for bed and read myself to sleep. Apparently the other night, Brendan was reading for a few hours (I thought it was about 10 minutes but I fell asleep) and when he was leaning over me to put the book down (because he sleeps next to the wall), I tried to ask if I should turn out the light, but instead I said something like, "did you turn off the book?" and I couldn't get it right no matter how hard I tried and he laughed at me and I got angry. I only somewhat remember this. I swear he'd only been reading for a few minutes.

Blogging, when will you start being natural to me again? Hopefully soon. I miss you.
So, in rooting around facebook for a couple minutes before heading to bed, I managed to discover that Greg Sczebel doesn't even want his car (he won it himself somehow, and I remember first seeing it when I was at my mom's and thinking, "that is one hecka ugly car").

I just think that's pretty amusing, to be honest. Made me smile, anyway.

I REALLY want to be part of a round robin legacy (sims 3 style would be good as that's kind of the mode I'm in) but I can't seem to find anywhere where they're more or less started. I would have thought there'd be a community somewhere for these things to happen pretty much constantly, but I guess there isn't one or I just don't know where to look. The thing is, I don't want to start one, mostly because I'm not a very good initiator, but also because I'd like to play with someone else's sims as well as pass them off.

I'm not even entirely sure why I'm writing this because I'm pretty sure nobody who would have ideas reads it. Sometimes I wonder if anyone reads my stuff. Probably they do, but it's just about stuff that only I care about anyway so there's not too much to say. Sometimes I wish I could be a modestly popular sims community member sort of person, but then I remember that requires commitment from me to actually post stuff that people will read. I sort of tried to get out there for a while, but after my first update, I'm pretty sure everybody stopped caring. Why are my sims always less exciting than other people's? I read legacies and get all jealous because other people's games are so much more fun looking than mine. I guess a lot of people probably have that problem, but it's pretty disappointing.

I'm not sure at what point this journal became primarily a sims journal (which it is, even though I don't post anything lately; in my spare time, all I do is read legacies on here), but it's just what I'm interested in lately. I used to write more life-ish stuff here, but I guess life just doesn't have much to offer in the whole journalling aspect right now. Let's try that out now, actually.

Um... Brendan and I just came back from SA, which is where we were for the past week. Some stuff happened, but none of it was both exciting and something I can openly talk about now. Brendan got a horrible cold and right now he's up in the bathroom making really annoying grunting noises. Rowan is obsessed with popcorn and Coke somehow even though she generally doesn't get them, and she can also say "go Canucks go!" and "no no no no no" really well. The house on the corner sold again, no big surprise there. Riley is an ultimate douchebag and seriously needs to shape up. Oh, and also I think Eric's moving out this summer, which is good because that was more or less our (Brendan's and my) plan. I passed my exam with honors and now I have to do some practicum stuff before I can actually start getting paid. Mike is apparently getting married in August, which is beyond insane. I made my mom some curtains.

See? I'm just not able to journal like I used to. I blame not having high school to talk about and also my lack of interesting dreams. It's dumb because I know I've had a few interesting ones lately, but if I don't write them down, then I don't remember anymore. How I wish it was somewhat later in the year. I know I'll have things to talk about in a while.



Actually, I more than passed: I passed with honors! So that's good! 100% on the objective portion and 93% on the reports!

This is very cool news. :D