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I REALLY want to be part of a round robin legacy (sims 3 style would be good as that's kind of the mode I'm in) but I can't seem to find anywhere where they're more or less started. I would have thought there'd be a community somewhere for these things to happen pretty much constantly, but I guess there isn't one or I just don't know where to look. The thing is, I don't want to start one, mostly because I'm not a very good initiator, but also because I'd like to play with someone else's sims as well as pass them off.

I'm not even entirely sure why I'm writing this because I'm pretty sure nobody who would have ideas reads it. Sometimes I wonder if anyone reads my stuff. Probably they do, but it's just about stuff that only I care about anyway so there's not too much to say. Sometimes I wish I could be a modestly popular sims community member sort of person, but then I remember that requires commitment from me to actually post stuff that people will read. I sort of tried to get out there for a while, but after my first update, I'm pretty sure everybody stopped caring. Why are my sims always less exciting than other people's? I read legacies and get all jealous because other people's games are so much more fun looking than mine. I guess a lot of people probably have that problem, but it's pretty disappointing.

I'm not sure at what point this journal became primarily a sims journal (which it is, even though I don't post anything lately; in my spare time, all I do is read legacies on here), but it's just what I'm interested in lately. I used to write more life-ish stuff here, but I guess life just doesn't have much to offer in the whole journalling aspect right now. Let's try that out now, actually.

Um... Brendan and I just came back from SA, which is where we were for the past week. Some stuff happened, but none of it was both exciting and something I can openly talk about now. Brendan got a horrible cold and right now he's up in the bathroom making really annoying grunting noises. Rowan is obsessed with popcorn and Coke somehow even though she generally doesn't get them, and she can also say "go Canucks go!" and "no no no no no" really well. The house on the corner sold again, no big surprise there. Riley is an ultimate douchebag and seriously needs to shape up. Oh, and also I think Eric's moving out this summer, which is good because that was more or less our (Brendan's and my) plan. I passed my exam with honors and now I have to do some practicum stuff before I can actually start getting paid. Mike is apparently getting married in August, which is beyond insane. I made my mom some curtains.

See? I'm just not able to journal like I used to. I blame not having high school to talk about and also my lack of interesting dreams. It's dumb because I know I've had a few interesting ones lately, but if I don't write them down, then I don't remember anymore. How I wish it was somewhat later in the year. I know I'll have things to talk about in a while.