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Lovely weather today!

The electrician came and fixed our kitchen this morning. He called around 9:00 and decided to come over right away ("he said he'd call us back when he knows what time's good for him, but he'd give us at least an hour's notice" O.O), so I had to hobble downstairs and tidy everything up in the kitchen and near the breaker box downstairs (I say hobble because for some reason since Wednesday night, I've had the most horrible ingrown toenail issue I have ever experienced and even with nice epsom salt soaks, it wasn't quite up to regular walking at that point). Mostly I just chucked the dirty dishes into the drying rack over on the dining room table and moved a bunch of stuff off the counters. When he came, I hid in the bedroom, PJs and all, and talked to my mom. He came and went surprisingly fast, and didn't charge us too much at all! Now everything works nicely. I'm not really sure what the problem was. Brendan said he thinks there were crossed wires or something.

Eric had left yesterday to go back to Salmon Arm "for the weekend", but he came back around noon today for some reason, and decided to actually haul away some of his excess clothing finally! He took my bag with him (which I have had ready for a few months now), and he and Brendan went downtown. I would have gone too, except that after my shower, Eric was in the bathroom all the way until he wanted to leave, so I had no time to get ready to go out. While Brendan was out, he called with the exciting news that there's a copy of Earthbound at a game store down there and he wanted to buy it, but it was like $130 and I convinced him in the end that it wasn't worth it. Then he came home and there was much Megaman 10.

We had a late lunch outside. I felt really mom-ish or something, making us nice sandwiches and iced tea with strawberries. It's kind of like summer without the greenery here, honestly. Brendan left for work nearly an hour ago now and after he left, I actually washed the dishes and now I feel all accomplished and somewhat motivated to journal for once! I would be motivated to do other worthwhile things, but there's not really much else to be done, which is nice in itself. I'm doing some online searching around for some stuff that I want to talk about but I'm trying hard not to, and I think that's productive enough. I should fill out the feedback survey on my coursework that I'm pretty sure I'm supposed to do even though I'm almost positive it's supposed to be optional. I was waiting on it because it has a section for feedback on the practicum, which I figured would be stupid to fill out now as I haven't even started it yet, but they've emailed me twice now trying to get me to send it in, so I'll just skip that part, I guess.

It feels good to write something again, even if it's only a retelling of my fairly ordinary day. I decided yesterday that I want to make memories for myself so that I won't forget the little things, because most of what's happening right now in my life is entirely made of little things. I know it's worth remembering, though, but it's hard to remember if I haven't made note of it in any way. So this is what my March 5th was like, I guess. :)

Tomorrow I'm going to see Piper for her birthday (which is actually Sunday) with my grandparents, and Sunday night we're going out for dinner with Brendan's aunt and cousin for Brendan's birthday, which is Tuesday. One of these weekends, I think I want to go to Salmon Arm and play with the community band for their Sunday night practice. I miss it very much. I know I could try and join the Kamloops community band, but it's a little late in the year to be doing that, plus, I'd only want to do that if I went with someone I know, and Brendan's a little busy to get involved in that. I can't wait until I move back to Salmon Arm. I'm going to involve myself in everything musical again. It's so sad that music used to be such a big part of my life, and now that I've moved, it's getting so distant from me.

Anyway, time to fill out that dumb feedback thing. Happy Friday, everyone!