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Mar. 30th, 2010

sleepy sleepy sleepy

Good things lately though, in general! I hate that I'm not on top of writing about stuff anymore, but I'm going to be starting a job soonish and perhaps I will be more inclined to write about my daily happenings when I have more routine in my life again. I had to buy Microsoft Office stuff yesterday, which is stupid I guess. But I'm going to have an honest to goodness real job that isn't even a crappy job that I'm going to be trying to find something better to cling to! It's pretty big news, really.

Been playing a lot of Pokemon (heart gold!) lately. Also reading a lot of Harry Potter. Actually, I think those are the only two things I've been doing in my spare time (which there has been a considerable amount of lately, but that ends (to some extent) tomorrow), except that I was sewing for a while but I'm pretty much done all my projects now.

My horrible ingrown toenail (which I probably neglected to mention to anyone even though it has been ruling my life for the last three weeks) is almost done being horrible. I managed to get a nail file under the affected corner today, which is an enormous triumph, you really have no idea.

Had a very nice social outing tonight in which I actually felt included in a larger sense than I normally do for whatever reason. I didn't have a lot to talk about or anything, but I felt more open with people and I think I'm giving off the impression that I'm witty somehow. I'm really not, as far as I know, but I'm welcoming the moderate attention.

I would like to find a group or a class or something of interest to take so I could meet some people and stuff, but I have checked everywhere and the coolest thing I've found is for cake decorating classes (not sure how many) somewhere really far from me. So that's probably out. This evening's outing (Tim Horton's, but it was fun all the same) somehow filled me with a newfound confidence that I might have more in common with these people we hang out with than I had previously thought, though, so I feel less starved for friends than I did mere hours ago. This is a good thing.

Annnnyway, bed! I'm just at the part in the 5th Harry Potter where Harry's freaking out because he thinks Sirius is being tortured and Umbridge has just caught him using Floo powder in her office, so obviously that's pretty full of tension and I should read a bit before actually sleeping.

Happy day. :)


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Apr. 9th, 2010 08:47 am (UTC)
Hey! How did your dress work out? Pictures??

Also, I bought the pattern for BurdaStyle's yoga-type lounge pants, can I send you the .pdf? They're pretty simple to whip up (after deciphering the instructions) and would look fantabulous in a wild print or a basic solid, either way. Well, you're awesome with colour-matching, so it's not like I have to tell you anything. :D
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