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Yesterday I played some sims (my selfsim family), I went and saw The Invention of Lying at the weekly TRU movie night (the best part was obviously "I was thinking of a horrible mansion!"), and then I decided to try and pin curl my hair so that I look like Hilary because she looks amazing. I ended up being incompetent and Brendan had to do it for me, but he used wayyy too much product in my hair and I woke up all crispy-fried. After brushing out the curls, I definitely have volume for once, and some of it is clearly curly, but it's not really the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. I actually look like I'm wearing a wig (in a good way, mostly). There's just so much hair all of a sudden! I took a picture, and it looks a lot better pinned back than it does just loose. Still not defined curls though, and kind of yucky/frizzy. Yesterday I also made some hair bows out of some ribbon I happen to have. They're really quite fun and pretty and maybe I'll make more, but I need some more wide ribbon.

Anyway, my sim twin daughters are about to celebrate their teen transition with some friends, so I should get to that. Tonight I think Daniel and Tyler are coming over and we're going to play games upon games. And not even boring D&D games! Stuff I'll actually enjoy. So that should be good.

...Livejournalling, you are not coming naturally to me lately. Neither is writing in general. It's been that way for about a year.
For the past couple of weeks, I've been working on creating a world for the Sims 3. It's really coming along, but yesterday I realized that it is just way too big to be functional. I chose a large map because I wanted a world as big as one of the ones in-game, but coupled with my style of compact space saving maps, I'm ending up with way too many residential lots (I'm not sure how many, but somewhere upwards of 40, and that's only in the one neighborhood area so far that I've finished) and far too much space for all the rabbitholes and other community places I want to have. This has resulted in smallish areas of high population concentration, and vast forests of trees to take up space until the mountains happen. What I should do is start over now before it really is too late on making a scaled down version. I may even have to scale it down a couple of sizes, but I'm afraid of it being too small. I'm also having trouble with my mountains: I spent ages making good looking mountains at three of my four borders because I'm convinced that these things don't have to be little islands all the time without using the distant terrain objects, which for some reason just don't work properly on my map even though they/it should. So, I've been making nice mountains and trying to keep the camera routing pretty well at the bases of them, but when I go to edit in game, I can still turn the whole thing around and see awful square backs and water that I don't want to be there. I wonder if it would look different for real in game, but I should be finished my world in order to actually try that out. Also, when I edit in game, my waterfalls don't show up. Perplexing.

It sucks that I can't just scale everything down without rebuilding. It really and truly blows. But I think I can probably get to a smaller version of where I am now without too much grief. Honestly, the hardest part was shaping and painting the mountains.

Ehhhh. I'm not sure if I really want to do this. Maybe I'll just (attempt to) play one of my actual games on the sims for a change! It's been a few months, even though I'm still actively reading legacies and things. I tried to play the other day, but my game crashed (which it has never done before!) and I didn't feel like playing again right away (it was after almost an hour). I'm pretty sure it's because I forgot to put my DCCache folder back where it's supposed to be (for ease of editing in game on my world without loading times of 1+ hours). At least, I hope that's why it crashed.

Playing sims time now! How exciting. :)


Hmm. Muse concert in either Vancouver or Calgary. I do want to see them live, but it would undoubtedly be overrun with Twilight fans AND both concert dates (actually, all their tour dates but one) are on weekdays. In school season. Not particularly a problem for me, but it is a problem as I'd want to go with someone and they all have school (and in Leigha's case especially, they really care about school). I don't know what to doooo! I do want to go see them live (I've seen some concert videos and I think it'd be worthwhile), but I'm not sure just how exactly I would go about doing that.


Also, hungry. Also, monkeys. Oh boy.


Dec. 8th, 2009

In Salmon Arm, leaving in a few minutes.

- Fondue was great!
- Made my Holiday Flames gifts and sent them yesterday
- Spent more than was expected on postage for whatever reason. I had figured out how much sending my package to Japan would cost based on the weight and measurements of the package using info from the Canada Post website and it was supposed to only cost like $8.50 to send by air and instead it apparently was like $16! Shipping by surface would have cost about $8, but that was expected to arrive in like, February. I think it'll still take too long, but I had no choice but to mail it only yesterday! I had to buy part of it the day that we left Kamloops, and the other gift I sent had to be made entirely in Salmon Arm, so it only made sense to mail them at the same time. I had to get my mom to help me wrap them up and address them because I'm clueless at mailing packages. Or anything, for that matter. I'm pretty sure a $20 limit on these gifts that includes postage is a little unrealistic, at least when I have to ship super internationally. Oh well, I'm not really bent out of shape about spending a bit more, but I am a little peeved that the price was so different from what I had figured it out to be. Apparently if it had been any heavier, I would have had to pay about $30 for it, which is total BS.
- Saw Jordan at the CD store. He was in a cage. Apparently he was tricked into it and had been there for about 10 minutes before we saw him. We figured that a Jordan petting zoo would be the best idea ever. Sell people little bags of food that they can feed to him. Best job ever?
- Didn't do ANY work while in town. Was too busy.
- Gonna get together all my old clothes and all of Eric's things he's never going to wear (NEVER work at Value Village if you have an uncontrollable urge to shop) and give 'em away. Once all his clothes are out of the basement, we can start turning the basement into a functional room where I can do exercises.
- We're going to change the way we eat. Got a food calendar in the making, and I think it'll help, especially with shopping.
- I need to lose 20 pounds. And also make roughly 1 sock monkey per day when I get back, which is fairly daunting when I also have to do 3 hours of work in that time. I didn't think sock monkeys were that demanding, but they actually take the better part of a whole day to make, so often, I've been stretching the process over a couple days. No more! I'm running out of time. And possibly out of socks.

I'm going to go now. My grandma will be here soon to take us away!

Nov. 14th, 2009

So cool! I was just looking up Moulin Rouge - The Ballet because apparently my dad is going and found out that Eric Nipp is playing Zidler! How cool is that? And the other guys in our class used to bug him about doing ballet! I'm so proud in a weird detached way. (He was in grade 7 while I was in grade 6 in the same class. He was cool. Him and Jeff Dobson were besties.)

Nov. 12th, 2009

Okay. Boiling over with rage from things that do not concern me. It's rant time.

I hate how after reaching a certain age or stage in their lives, most of my friends have come to the conclusion that there's no such thing as having fun unless you've got a drink in your hand. This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. Riley in particular has this problem.

Can anyone honestly say that it's okay to
- Plan to get drunk before your first day of college just so that people will think you're hilarious when you show up drunk?
- "Party" (sit around drinking) at least twice weekly?
- Have in excess of 30 empties in your room, perhaps half of which are single-serving bottles?
- Outright antagonize a non-partying lifestyle?
- Have so many people over that when your brother and his girlfriend are attempting to have an actual rested sleep, it is inevitable that at least one drunk idiot will come into their room, waking them up, trying to figure out who's there?

Honestly, it makes me so angry to go on facebook for like, a second, because I am suddenly assaulted with people's photos from three different parties at which all of the same people are in attendance. I mean, I know it's Salmon Arm, but they don't have to drink their way out. I remember a time only a few years ago when many of these people would be able to just hang out playing videogames and talking about boats girls and drinking tea and they'd have a fantastic time. And even then, they'd do it probably only once a week. And they were happy with that. Brendan used to be a part of that. What exactly happened that made specifically him split off into the sole member of the group of sane people while the others spiralled into alcoholism? I'm pretty sure it wasn't because of me, because as far as I can tell, he's just not an idiot. Is that really the problem? Is everybody else just stupid? I don't really think so. I used to like some of those people, and because of this lifestyle they lead, I have serious issues with them now.

I used to have friends. Now none of them pay attention to me anymore. This is probably because I was never really a very good friend and they only spent time with me because I was conveniently around, but now that they're all living in different places and some (mostly Riley) are actually purposefully rude to me, I'm sort of just left with Brendan. I mean, I love Brendan, and he's the best friend I could ever want, but I do get lonely. And I miss having girly friends to be girly with. My only friends I get to spend time with now are the people we hang out with who play D&D and Star Wars RPG (which is fine, I'm not complaining that they're a bunch of geeks because I'm into that), but the problem there is that I don't participate in those things. I feel weird when I just go for the company, but I honestly have no interest in playing. I feel like they think I should either play or stay home, and I don't think they know how much I like them and need them around. Even people who I thought I'd be friends forever with are distant. I feel like they're all changing or have changed and I'm staying the same, which is probably exactly what's happening. I just find it hard to relate anymore with those I have the option to. Others have fallen of the face of the earth as far as I'm concerned. I don't know if I'll ever see or hear from Erin again, and I only seem to have contact with Jesse through Colin, who has contact with everybody or something. Even livejournal depresses me friend-wise. I have five mutual friends on here who I actually know or have spoken to at some length. It looks like I have more, but 13 of those journals are inactive. One friend is my dad and another is Brendan. Hilary's left for bigger and better things (DJing all over the place and advertising herself on facebook), which alienates me further. It makes me angry and sad that my best friend other than Brendan is actually my mom. I mean, she's cool and all, but it didn't used to be that way. And largely, I owe this isolation to alcohol.

Thank you for ruining my social life.

In the past couple of days, our internet has been down for which we had to buy a new router, I have procrastinated only a little from doing my work, Rowan got in a horrible falling-off-of-chair accident that required a trip to the ER and 7 stitches, I have tasted my (delicious) squash pie, and I have been working on a super mega Christmas project.

This year, my mom's entire side of the family is coming from their homes (mostly in Saskatchewan) to spend Christmas in Salmon Arm. I have seven cousins coming to visit, and then another two on my dad's side. I have decided to make all of them, and Rowan, sock monkeys. Or rather, sock monkey dolls (because they are not the traditional sock monkey so much as a sort of soft doll that happens to be a monkey). I have completed one monkey so far and am almost finished with another. Only 8-1/4 to go! Oh boy. On the plus side, though, they are quite fun to make. I'm making little outfits for them and they have yarn hair as well. I bought $20 worth of socks, which is actually quite a lot, as I bought them at an Ardene, and therefore, they were bargain prices for knee-high socks. Usually those will cost about $5 a pair, but for $20, I got 12 pairs, which means at least 12 monkeys with all the scrap pieces (I cut off the top 6 inches of each sock) for clothing material. It's pretty much awesome. I got my sewing room set up a while ago (Nicole's presence is but a faint memory to me already), and I'm loving it. I haven't felt this happy for a long while. Eric is so easy to get along with! He may be messy in the most confusing way (the location of our kitchen dishcloth and sponge is currently unknown), but I think I am learning to let it go somewhat. It's just upsetting when I want it tidy for people to come over because there is just so much to do. I'll probably get all uptight in a few days again.

Anyway! This is the procrastinating I was talking about. Worktime begins now.

Nov. 6th, 2009

Halloween!Collapse )

Now I have a fake coconut pie to make. It has no coconut in it, but apparently it tastes just like it. It's actually spaghetti squash (which I am otherwise never going to eat, probably), so hopefully all goes well!

Nov. 5th, 2009

That bitch stole our laundry detergent.

Things to say

- Facebook doesn't recognize me anymore.
- Nicole moved out and I have a sewing room now. (YAAAAAY)
- She left two pairs of shoes here, though.
- I am taking on a project editing home videos from when I was just a wee one.
- I have lots of work to do so I can't post pictures from Halloween or anything at this time.

More later!